MetalWorks, a manufacturer and distributor of comprehensive pneumatic equipment
such as air cylinders, valves, electrical valves, air filter kits, wind joints.

At present, automation has played a significant role in the industry. Many forms of driving technology have been applied to meet different needs of each organisation. Pneumatics is an applied technology that uses air pressure to transform into mechanical driving power. It is widely used in industries around the world. Because of the neuromatic design.It comes to use air pressure to drive mechanical energy. Therefore, it is clean energy and does not harm the environment because only wind is used for driving.
Also, the installation of a pneumatic system is low cost and easy to repair.

Metalwork Newmatic (Thailand) has been manufacturing, distributing and servicing New Zealand equipment for more than 50 years.
We are headquartered at In Italy, with more than 50 branches worldwide, we are confident that MetalWorks' pneumatic equipment will be available. To meet the needs of consumers and machinery manufacturers around the world. Because the quality of our products and services is our strong commitment, we are confident that our products are standardized and have excellent pre-sales service.
We are willing to consult and participate in technical planning until the results are finalized.a satisfactory entrepreneur

FLUX1 and FLUX2 flow meters provide a significant help in measuring flow rates ranging from 0 to 4000 litres/min.
Available in two versions
1. The version does not have a working status screen.
2. The version has a status display (real-time status display).
- FLUX size 1 can be measured up to 2000 NL/min.
- FLUX size 2 can be measured up to 4000 NL/min.
- IP65 standard dustproofing
- PNP Digital Output
- Voltage ranges from 12 VDC (-10%) and 24 VDC (+30%)
- Output lock voltage (0-10 VDC)
- Nalox output current (4 - 20 ml)(LIAMPING)
- IO-Link Interface